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Return Policy

Buy A Site Plan Refund Policy

At Buy A Site Plan, our dedication to excellence drives us forward. With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in crafting meticulous site plans, we’re confident in our abilities. This assurance leads us to present our steadfast Money-Back Guarantee. Wondering what that entails? Should your site plan encounter rejection from your local building authority, for any reason aside from the need for a stamp from a surveyor, engineer, or architect, we’re here to offer you a refund post the second submittal. We believe in providing one opportunity to rectify the concerns that led to the initial denial. All that’s needed is to write us an email on [email protected], and within 24 hours, we’ll diligently review and process your request.

Kindly note, refund requests won’t be entertained beyond 60 days from the initial transaction.

Our site plans are meticulously constructed using publicly accessible data and client inputs. Should any discrepancies in measurements arise, we encourage you to promptly inform us to facilitate necessary corrections. As our process does not involve on-site visits, the quality of our work hinges on the information made available. We cordially request a single endeavor for revisions to your site plan before resubmission. Should the plan face a subsequent rejection, we’re committed to granting a full refund, contingent upon the receipt of an image or scan of the site plan denial letter.

For custom hourly work, all sales are considered final.

Prior to embarking on the creation of each site plan, we conduct a thorough satellite analysis of the property. If any red flags arise concerning the accuracy of the plan due to property nuances, rest assured, we’ll promptly communicate these concerns. You’ll have the liberty to choose between a complete refund or the option to furnish specifications detailing dimensions and placements of structures not discernible via satellite imagery.

Before initiating your site plan order, kindly take note of the following:

  • Verify City Requirements: It’s advisable to ascertain your city’s prerequisites prior to making a purchase. Our site plans come in varying levels of detail, so it’s essential to choose a plan that aligns with your city’s stipulations.
  • Site Surveys: We do not offer site surveys. If your city mandates a site survey, it’s imperative to engage a certified land surveyor for an on-site assessment.
  • Stamping of Plans: Please be aware that our site plans do not bear certification stamps. Before proceeding with an order, ensure your city’s regulations do not necessitate stamped plans. Stamping is a privilege reserved for surveyors, engineers, and architects.

Uncertain whether our site plans meet your specific requirements? Reach out to us via email or call 1-901-245-0594. We’re more than happy to guide you in the right direction. Your satisfaction is paramount to us.

In the pursuit of delivering excellence, we may revise or amend this refund policy as needed. We encourage periodic reviews to remain informed of any updates.

Thank you for choosing Buy A Site Plan. We’re committed to making your experience exceptional and are eager to assist you on your site planning journey.